Introduction to The Valleau Family of Heroes

Valleau Family HeroesValleau Family HeroesValleau Family HeroesValleau Family HeroesValleau Family HeroesValleau Family Heroes

Hello, I’m Charles Valleau and have been doing Valleau family history for the past 16 years.  It has always been my desire to put forth on the web those Valleau”s  who have served in any country’s armed forces.  What you see on these pages is only the beginning as it my intention to make this an on-going current document.  To accomplish this I need your help.

I am sure that many members of the surname are missing, especially those those who have served after WW II. I welcome input from you regarding family members who have honorably served.  BUT! Lets give these men/women who we honor herein more than just a name, lets give them a face, they deserve it. For example; who were their parents and spouses? Did they have siblings who also served? Did they have medals bestowed upon them? I could go on and on but I would like you to express your thoughts. I will read all contributions and respond to the provider.

Remember, it is the efforts of those who serve and not the politicians, corporations or media which provides the imputes for our freedoms

I would also appreciate corrective comments to those heroes already posted.

As of 3/30/013 :    13 revolutionary war heroes,  6 1812 war heroes,  3 heroes between the war of 1812 and the civil war, 32 civil war heroes, 3 heroe between the civil war and world war I,  15 world war I heroes,  20 world war I I heroes, 2 Korean war heroes,  3 cold war heroes,  4 Viet Nam war heroes and lastly 3 heroes between the Gulf and Afgan wars. thats a total of 99 Valleau Heroes.  I could use help on expanding it.  Charles Valleau

Valleau Family Heroes Family Crest Image

The Valleau Family Crest, created in the 1600s


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